Conveniently located between Windsor and Greeley

Welcome to Rest Stop Storage!

Rest Stop Storage is locally owned and operated. As owners we live in the Severance, Windsor, Greeley area and we know what you are looking for in a storage facility. We own recreational vehicles and have conveniently located Rest Stop Storage between Windsor and Greeley. This is the place that will provide your recreational vehicles the perfect spot to recover from that last great adventure while getting prepared for the next great adventure.

Clean Facility!

We provide a safe, clean and friendly facility that will offer services not available in the area. Rest Stop Storage provides an on-site manager living adjacent to the property to provide safety and security. You will enter and exit using your unique code at each keypad. Camera's will record every entry and exit while the property is fenced on all sides. Rest Stop Storage requires all items stored to be property licensed, registered, and insured to the benefit of all of our clients.


  • On-site dump station and city water
  • On-site air compressor
  • Each recreational vehicle will have a designated space that will be there for you when you return
  • Are you someone that does not like to back into a tight space? If so, we offer a limited number of pull-through spaces
  • Service spaces with power for customers to reserve for short periods of time

Monthly Rates

Back-In 11ft 13ft
20ft $39  
25ft $47  
30ft $56  
35ft $64  
40ft $73 $86
45ft $81 $96
50ft $90  
60ft $107  
65ft $115  
70ft $124  
Pull-Thru 11ft 13ft
30ft $76 $86
35ft $84 $96
40ft $93 $106

Current Specials

Registration Fee: $25 
Pre-Paid Savings: 
    3 Mos: Reg. Fee Waived
    6 Mos: 5% discount + Reg. Fee Waived
    12 Mos: 10% discount + Reg. Fee Waived


Create your account today to reserve your space!
Here is what you will need to reserve your space:
Proof of Ownership i.e. Title, Registration, Bill of Sale
Copy of Insurance
Copy of Driver's License
Exact length of items stored including bumpers, hitches, ladders, spare tires. You will not receive an accurate monthly lease estimate unless you measure from the very front to the very back. Model #s provided by the manufacturer do not provide the actual length of space needed for storage.

Payment Details


  • Month to Month Option:
    • Registration Fee: $25
    • Prorate partial 1st Month Payment plus 2nd month based on payment processing date of the 1st or 16th
  • Discounted Pre-Payment Option (3, 6, or 12 months):
    • Registration Fee: Waived
    • Prorate partial 1st Month Payment plus the prepaid 3, 6, or 12 months payment based on a payment processing date of the 1st or 16th
  • Gate Access is automatically deactivated if payment is not received on the due date.
  • All articles stored by a lease agreement, and charges not having been paid for thirty days, will be sold or otherwise disposed of to pay charges.